Subject: Re: adding an xml validate target
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From: Hiroki Sato <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 04/25/2006 22:16:27
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Klaus Heinz <> wrote
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k.> Hiroki Sato wrote:
k.> >  Yes, it is correct.  Strictly, the former is because we are currently
k.> >  using Simplified DocBook DTD (a subset of DocBook tag set) via the
k.> >  Website DTD.  In this DTD, <section> is allowed, not <sect?> variants.
k.> I came to this conclusion by reading website.dtd after seeing Jan's
k.> message :-/.
k.> For writing pages I use to a local copy of "DocBook: The Definitive
k.> Guide" in HTML. In the reference section, this book shows for every
k.> element the allowed parent and child elements.
k.> Do you know any way to generate something similar to that from a DTD?
k.> I have searched the web but found mostly commercial XML suites for MS
k.> Windows which can produce diagrams.

 dtdparse and dtdformat (both included in textproc/dtdparse) can generate
 reference pages similar to TDG.  They seem to have some bug, but they work.

 You can see an experimental output from:

 (this result still includes some broken links now, though)

| Hiroki SATO

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