Subject: Re: simplifying htdocs build procedure (long term)
To: None <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/01/2006 18:53:22
"Ulrich Habel" <> writes:

>>  If you mean X11 as a running X11 server, it is not needed.
>>  However, some graphics manipulation tools depend on X11
>>  libraries and some depend on Gnome components (XML parser
>>  and so on).  Should we eliminate dependency on such libraries, too?
> I think the tools should use standard packages. Nearly every developer
> has X installed - most of them will have the tools which are needed to
> develop already installed like libxml, libxslt. etc. I don't think it's
> a good idea to tell a developer about installing specialized versions of
> tools just because there is a X11 library dependancy.

No one is asking to install anything in special. The tools are equal
for everyone building the site.

> Btw. - having X11 libs installed is just a few megabytes more - that
> can't be a big issue. Cleaning up old documentation and old list files
> and some eps-things might save more harddrive space.

The problem is not disk space. For a number of reasons (including
security) you should not have X11 installed where you won't need it.

Rui Paulo -