Subject: Re: simplifying htdocs build procedure (long term)
To: None <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/01/2006 12:44:04
Hiroki Sato <> writes:

> Rui Paulo <> wrote
>   in <>:
> rp> Some points:
> rp>
> rp> * If the tools didn't need X11, then we could put it on the NetBSD build
> rp>   boxes, but since they do, we need another solution.
>  If you mean X11 as a running X11 server, it is not needed.

No, I mean having the X sets installed.

>  However, some graphics manipulation tools depend on X11
>  libraries and some depend on Gnome components (XML parser
>  and so on).  Should we eliminate dependency on such libraries, too?

From my perception from admins@, they will oppose to install the X
sets on the WWW server. And already has a high load, so
even if we could remove the X11 dependency the regen needed to be done
probably at the build machines.

> rp> * Petra pointed out that we could create another dir in our cvs tree,
> rp>   but this still has the problem of generated files under CVS control
> rp>   (which is sub-optimal IMHO).
> rp>
> rp> * Relying on a developer to do the regen is sub-optimal too.
>  Hmm, I think imposing regen to the developers puts them
>  to annoyance since they have to install all of the toolchains.
>  Thorny thing.

Sorry, I meant 'on just one developer'.

> rp> How does FreeBSD do it ?
>  Simply doing "cvs update" the whole directory tree periodically
>  and building it on the www server.  The www mirror admins fetch
>  the resulting file via HTTP or CVSup (basically CVSup can be used
>  for regular files as a rsync replacement).

I see. I think this isn't a solution for us.

Rui Paulo -