Subject: "nits" in the INSTALL document
To: None <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/21/2005 23:48:15

I noticed the following little problems in the 3.0_RC1 INSTALL document.

- #Supported%20devices:
extra bullet at the beginning.

- #Changes%20Between%20The%20NetBSD%202.0%20and%203.0%20Releases

NetBSD3.0 - missing space. (Also in many other places.)

- #Networking
ipsec-tools 0.6.2 - probably 0.6.3 now

- #Kernel

swwdog 4 - bad markup for man page reference

- #Libraries
"Support wide strings in C++" - missing period.
what about nsswitch dynamic modules?

- #Miscellaneous
audio 4 - bad markup.
list of 3rd party programs should not be part of audio(4) entry.

- #NetBSD/i386%20subdirectory%20structure
netbsd-GENERIC_DIAGNOSTIC.gz " gzipped NetBSD kernel containing code for
everything supported in this release, with diagnostic messages enabled."
	- Is this true? I think that DISGNOSTIC is for diagnostic code,
	  not diagnostic messages.
there is also netbsd-GENERIC.MPACPI.gz and the XEN kernels.

- #Binary%20distribution%20sets
    "The X server. This includes all XFree86 X servers."
    - really are there more X servers currently?

- #Quick%20install

the screen shot shows NetBSD 2.0 sysinst.

	- For configuring the X window system, if installed, see the files
	  in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc. - isn't it better to recommend 
	  X -configure?

- #Post%20installation%20steps 
	- the X window system
	- Installing third party packages:
	"# PKG_PATH=" - WTF??

	# mkdir /usr/pkgsrc
        #( cd /usr/pkgsrc ; tar -zxpf - ) < pkgsrc.tar.gz
	 - missing space, inconsistent markup.

- #Upgrading%20a%20previously-installed%20NetBSD%20System
"it can be quite difficult to update the system from an earlier version by
recompiling from source" - is it really _that_ difficult nowadays, with

And in the alpha document:

- #alpha%20specific
"There have been many alpha-specific enhancements since the NetBSD1.5
release." yes, but who cares about NetBSD1.5? :-)

Pavel Cahyna