Subject: Re: better description for getting the printed guide
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
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Date: 10/30/2005 12:01:45
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"C=E9sar Catri=E1n C." <> wrote:
> The guide, appendix archive, says:
> "
> In addition, this guide is also sold on occasion in printed form at=20
> tradeshows and exhibitons,=20
> with all profits being donated to the NetBSD Foundation.=20
> On demand printing may at some point be available as well.=20
> If you are interested in obtaining a printed and bound copy of this docum=
> please contact <>.
> "
> Please clarify this; there are three sentences, the second sentence is im=
> and it doesn't belong to the first and last sentence. Allthough, 'at some=
> should mean many things.
> The only sure thing is that all profits are donated to the NetBSD Foundat=
> How is the experience about this? is the guide always been sold on trades=

No.  The guide is _sometimes_ sold in printed form at tradeshows or
exhibitions.  That is, if the people who organize the booth find the
time and money to print a few at a print-store, they may sell them at
the booth, but that depends entirely on the volunteers who man the

> About the printing on demand, it refers to the exhibitions, or the copy o=
ffered by www@?

On demand printing at exhibitions would be possible, I guess.  That is,
if the volunteers agree to run over to the print-store and print a copy
if somebody at the expo requests a copy, but that seems to me a bit too
laborsome, so unlikely.  The intention of this sentence is to say that
at some point in the future it may be possible for users to place an
order for a printed version of the guide on the website (for example
through our cafepress online store).

> How is the system for getting the guide from www@?=20

You email www@ to request a printed copy and www@ will get back to you
to discuss the available possibiities.  It hasn't happened so far.

> how is the guide being offered?=20

Online in various formats ready for download, or, if printed depending
on the print-store's options.  I've once printed a version that was
double-sided regular paper, bound with a plastic round end.

> how is the quality?

Depends on the print store and how much you're willing to pay. :-)

> How much does it cost?

Depends on what quality you want -- se above. ;-)

When I printed a version a year ago or so, it cost me about $20.

> How about the demand, is the guide being asked actually?

No, it really isn't.  But I believe that one reason for this is that
it's trivial for users to print them themselves.  After all, we provide
the guide in print-ready formats for download, so users can either print
the whole thing or chapters individually.

It would be nice if we could make it available in the cafepress store as
on-demand.  I'd guess that we would sell a few.


You can blame it all on the Internet.
	Larry Wall

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