Subject: Re: docs for Xorg and NetBSD?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 10/07/2005 02:07:48
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On 2005.10.06 16:38:24 -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
| On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Rui Paulo wrote:
| >| Anyone want to write up some quick docs for NetBSD Guide about standard
| >| steps for switching to packages?
| >|
| >| (I am not asking for instructions myself. I was emailed off-list about
| >| this.)
| >
| >What's the difficulty besides 'echo X11_TYPE=3Dxorg >> /etc/mk.conf' ?
| I am not asking for instructions myself. I am very familiar with it --=20
| especially since I packaged up XFree86 before was even in pkgsrc. And I=
| helped packaged XFree86 again and also and also
| xlibs and now modular X.

I did not wanted to provide instructions to since that is really
pointless given the work you have developed...
I was only ASKING what is the difficulty.

| It has been asked a few times on different mailing lists. The answers and=
| feedback and ideas are more than just defining X11_TYPE.

It would help if you could explain what kind of documentation you are
thinking about.

		-- Rui Paulo

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