Subject: Re: [RAIDframe] 16.3.7 Setting up kernel dumps
To: Rui Paulo <>
From: Ryan Cresawn <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 08/17/2005 13:12:53
On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 01:58:37PM +0100, Rui Paulo wrote:
> On 2005.08.16 13:36:56 +0000, Ryan Cresawn wrote:
>   [snip]
> | Finally, there is a problem with booting from the bootblock on
> | /dev/sd0a; however, not from /dev/sd1a.  I'm not quite sure how to
> | remedy this and wonder if it is something that should be documented as
> | a sparc64-specific problem.  I found this URL which partially
> | addresses the problem:
> | 
> |
> Is this something that can affect your patch ?
> BTW, your patch isn't 100% okay, but don't worry, I'll fix that XML style
> for you when I commit it.
> 		-- Rui Paulo


Thanks for fixing my XML.  I just copied and modified text from the
i386 section above.  I do not know how to write it correctly.

I am currently testing two ideas I have with regard to RAID-1 boot
disks on sparc64:

  * I may not have properly aligned the partitions on cylinder
    boundaries when using disklabel for both sd0 and sd1.  I am
    redoing everything now to determine if that is the cause of my

  * If the first idea fails then I will redo everything but will
    create a small partition for the storage of ofwboot per the URL I
    included earlier.

Upon completion of these tests I will be in a position to answer your
question regarding the RAIDframe documentation.