Subject: Re: [RAIDframe] 16.3.7 Setting up kernel dumps
To: None <>
From: Jukka Salmi <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 08/15/2005 20:22:51

Ryan Cresawn --> netbsd-docs (2005-08-15 12:09:24 -0400):
> The trouble I'm having is that the sparc64 documentation for this
> section is absent.

Until about two weeks ago, the whole chapter 16.3.7. ("Setting up
kernel dumps") was missing. It was commented out some time ago while
applying a documentation update. For details see PR [1]misc/30427.

I recalculated the numbers for i386 only because I don't have a sparc64
system to test with. This also means: what follows in this message is
what I think is correct, but I can't test it, so use it with care.

> The use of the 'dc' command gets a bit confusing due to the offset of
> 'sd1a' on sparc64 being 0 as opposed to 63 on i386.

Just substitute 0 for 63 (see below).

> What is equally
> confusing to me is that since 'sd1a' and 'sd1c' have the same size it
> appears I have left no room for a swap partition at 'sd1b'.

That's the same situation as described for i386 in the documentation.
In your case, the RAID partition (sd1a) uses the whole disk (sd1c);
thus these two partitions have the same offset size. Your swap partition
(raid0b) resides _within_ the RAID partition (sd1a). To calculate the
offset of your dump partition, add RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS to raid0b's
offset; the size is the same as raid0b's size. In your case, this is:

# disklabel raid0
#        size    offset     fstype [fsize bsize cpg/sgs]
 a:  33804288         0     4.2BSD   2048 16384 28368
 b:   1573888  33804288       swap
 c:  35378432         0     unused      0     0

# disklabel sd1
#        size    offset     fstype [fsize bsize cpg/sgs]
 a:  35378533         0       RAID
 b:   1573888  33804352       swap
 c:  35378533         0     unused      0     0

> I am happy to document the sparc64-specific section of the
> RAIDframe documentation and send a unified diff file if that would be
> desirable.

That would be great. The file to patch is [2]htdocs/guide/en/chap-rf.xml.

Cheers, Jukka


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