Subject: Re: call for volunteers: update flyer
To: None <>
From: James K. Lowden <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/10/2005 14:12:34
Jan Schaumann wrote:
> "James K. Lowden" <> wrote:
> > I tried ignoring PAPERSIZE and exporting PAPERSIZE=letter (and
> > PAPERSIZE=landscape).  Regardless, my PDF looks like
> > /usr/src/htdocs//gallery/advocacy/flyer.pdf.
> has a pointer for that,

Nope, gotta be something else, becuase that's there already:


[ and later ]
%   Setup the text area on each page.
%   Borders:  left and right 0.5cm each,
%             to and bottom 1.0cm each.
%   (Note:  DVI drivers imply an offset of 1in top/left.)
\textheight=19cm	%   21cm - 2 * 1cm
\textwidth=8.9cm	%   9.9cm - 2 * 0.5cm

> > (Do we have to have ASCII smilies on our brochure?)
> Well, I believe that this is actually the _name_ of the thing.  Ie, it
> actually calls itself "DivX;-)".  Or something.


BTW, now that I'm waist-deep in this, I have to admit I probably don't
*know* enough to do it.  So I'd be glad for any suggestions of features
that should be added.  I'll look at the 2.0 announcement, but I don't know
what to promise in the "Coming soon" section.  I'm just a user, don't you