Subject: Re: call for volunteers: update flyer
To: None <>
From: James K. Lowden <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/10/2005 13:56:36
Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Rui Paulo <> wrote:
> > On 2005.07.09 22:53:46 +0000, James K. Lowden wrote:
> >  | $ make
> >  | make: "/usr/users/home/jklowden/projects/netbsd/flyer/Makefile"
> >  | line 144: Could not find /share/mk/
> >  | make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
> >  | 
> >  | make: stopped in /usr/users/home/jklowden/projects/netbsd/flyer
> >  | 
> >  | It's not in CVS?  
> > 
> > You have to 'cvs checkout' the htdocs module for making the changes.
> Well, I'd assume it should be fairly easy to adjust the Makefile to not
> require all of htdocs if one wanted to just edit the flyer.  Basically,
> one would just need to comment out the .includes.

Thanks everyone. 

You're right, Jan.  Whether I set WEB_PREFIX or comment out the .include,
I get the same result.  Unfortunately, the 8 1/2 x 11 output (flyer.pdf)
is a little broken, or so it seems to me.  

I tried ignoring PAPERSIZE and exporting PAPERSIZE=letter (and
PAPERSIZE=landscape).  Regardless, my PDF looks like
/usr/src/htdocs//gallery/advocacy/flyer.pdf.  Viewing that with xpdf on my
machine, the right edge of page 1 and the left edge of page 2 are slightly
trimmed off.  Here's the first paragraph of the last column on page 2:

	Flash plugin, Opera, xmms and gqmpeg mp3
	Afterstep, Windowmaker, fvwm, mplayer for M
	DivX;-) processing.

Should be:

	Flash plugin, Opera, xmms and gqmpeg mp3 players, 
	Afterstep, Windowmaker, fvwm, mplayer for MPEG and 
	DivX;-) processing.

(Do we have to have ASCII smilies on our brochure?)

I haven't done this before, so I hope you'll forgive some simpleton

I think the problem starts from A4 assumptions.  In particular: flyer.dvi
	dvips -t landscape -o flyer.dvi
	#	psselect 2,3,4,5,6,1 $(LL) $(LL)
	#psnup -w21cm -h29.7cm -W9.9cm -H21cm -s1 -3 $(LL) $(LL).ps
	pstops -w21cm -h29.7cm "$(PSTOPS)"

29.7cm is 11.69 inches.  It's better when I change it to: 

	pstops -w8.5in -h11in "$(PSTOPS)"

but still the right edge of the 'd' in "and" goes missing, and the left
margin of the first column is much smaller than the right margin of the
last column.  

I think there's magic in this step (from the make log):

pstops -w8.5in -h11in

That changes the layout from 6 pages (of columns) to 2 pages of 3 columns
each.  Should I just fiddle with these numbers, or is there some accepted
way to do this?