Subject: Tags under <BR> <B>To:</B> None <i><></i><BR> <B>From:</B> Rui Paulo <i><></i><BR> <B>List:</B> netbsd-docs<BR> <B>Date:</B> 07/07/2005 19:42:44 <PRE>Hi, I'm trying to convert htdocs/Ports/cats/faq.list to XML form. If you see the page now with a browser, you'll notice that there is an image in the what should be the <title> in XML form. My question is: does the following DocBook/XML code makes sense ? Is there any better way to do it ? <head> <title><html:img src="titleimage"/>title</title> </head> I did this and xsltproc rendered it ok (<head> section has only text but the title of the page has the image) but I can't valign="center" the title. Thanks, -- Rui Paulo </PRE> </BODY></HTML>