Subject: Re: some paragraphs in htdocs/Documentation/books.xml are not shown
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/23/2005 01:19:12
Roland Illig wrote:
> Please see the FIXME: comment in the file. How can I make these 
> paragraphs appear after the table of contents?

Currently, the stylesheet htdocs/share/xsl/webpage.xsl discards
everything contained in element <sect1 role="toc"> which is not enclosed
by <sect2> (see the lines following "<!-- Generate a change list -->" in
It looks like <sect1> with this role attribute is not supposed to
contain anything else.

You could put the missing lines in a <sect1> of their own _before_
the <sect1 role="toc">, with the words adapted to the new position.
This is not exactly what you asked for.

As a second solution, you could leave the lines where they are now but


around them. If you do not provide a <title> this will look like all
the other sections but there will be no entry in the table of contents
at the top of the page.

Or you try to come up with a change to webpage.xsl which allows to do
what you need here.

Some minor points:

- Please use

 <!DOCTYPE webpage
  PUBLIC "-//NetBSD//DTD Website-based NetBSD Extension//EN"

  This already includes the man page entities in man-refs.ent, so you do
  not need to include them yourself.

  (Yes we need to document this!)

- Copyright should be extended to 2005.

- Quotes should use <quote> </quote> ('nutshell',  "The goal of this
  book...", "Everything you need to know...")