Subject: Re: French translation + proxy w/ htdocs
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From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/12/2005 00:14:10
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 [ netbsd-docs included ]

Cyrille Szymanski wrote:

  [ xsltproc seems to access the Internet to get the DTD files for
    XML files. How can I configure a proxy if the build machine for
    htdocs is located behind a firewall? ]

> How must I proceed ?
> [xsltproc] layout.xml -> autolayout.xml
> I/O error : Attempt to load network entity=20
> /home/cns/NetBSD/htdocs/layout.xml:4: warning: failed to load external=20
> entity=20
> "
> "

The stylesheet processor did access the DTDs from the Internet only for
a short time until a change was committed to CVS by Hiroki Sato which
prohibits this ("--nonet", see below).

You should use meta-pkg/netbsd-www from the stable branch pkgsrc-2005Q1
for work on htdocs. I have the best experiences with all packages built
from that branch. Packages from the pkgsrc CVS trunk _should_ work as
well but may give slightly different HTML output than what we use.

This meta package includes docbook-website-2.5.0 (from pkgsrc-2005Q1)
which should install


for you. In this catalog file, the lines

    publicId=3D"-//Norman Walsh//DTD Website Layout V2.2.0//EN"

order the stylesheet processor to load

as a DTD for the layout file (see the public identifier in layout.xml).

If that does not happen for you, xsltproc by default would try to load
the DTD from the Internet but this is forbidden by the parameter
"--nonet" (added to the command line in htdocs/share/mk/ and
thus xsltproc complains loudly but actually does _not_ try to load the
file from the Internet. My dial-on-demand line stays down if I make the
local copy in /usr/pkg/share/xml//website/schema/dtd/ unavailable.

To summarize: keep htdocs up-to-date (for changes in htdocs/share) and use
the packages from pkgsrc-2005Q1 if possible. If there are still questions,
just ask.
It's ok to write the www team, but I tought people on netbsd-docs were
interested in and able to help about such problems, so I sent it there
as well.


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