Subject: Postfix: Please review this tutorial
To: None <>
From: Florian Stoehr <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 04/21/2005 16:19:46
Hi list,

I took my personal Postfix notes and wrote a Postfix tutorial.

The goal is to have a tutorial for setting up a real-life server
under NetBSD.

I run the described configuration for several years and it seems
stable and secure, at least for me (although I am not an expert
in this area).

As this is of course not 1:1 my configuration, but a bit "tutorialized",
there *might* be some mistakes here of course.

I handle these topics:
- Postfix installation with NetBSD and pkgsrc
- Anti-spam setup (patterns and DNS-RBL so far)
- Relays (using and acting as)
- Off-topic: IMAP and POP3 server
- Off-topic: Setting up an IMAP webmail interface

Topics not handled yet:
- Greylisting
- Anti-spam-software

I'd be glad if someone here familiar with mailserver handling can have
a look at it. Please report all language and technical issues.

You can access this in dvi and pdf format at:

Feel free to contact me either off-list or through this list.

Remember, this is a DRAFT, not a final document yet.

Thanks for your help!