Subject: Re: Questions about the NetBSD 2.0.2 RA
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 04/19/2005 10:17:00
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"Mike M. Volokhov" <> wrote:
> While working on translation I found numerous neglects. Some of them,
> such as uncion and command names, which should looks like XML entities,
> and few misspelings are collected in my patch (see attachment named
> en-2.0.2.patch.gz).

Thanks - I just applied that patch.

> Another approach is a document formatting. Seems some bomb has been
> exploded here. :-O

Oh, come on, it's not _that_ bad. :-)

But do you know of a decent auto-formatter / indenter?  I occasionally
use 'tidy -i -xml', but I'm not quite happy with that output either.
Also, it ruins <programlisting> and other pre-formatted text.

> Regarding to text, could anybody explain me meaning of the following
> paragraph:
> ``Your generous donation would be particularly welcome at this point in
> time, since the release engineering process for NetBSD 2.0 was
> unfortunately set back by hardware failures on the build machines,
> necessitating the immediate replacement of the equipment.''
> Does this mean, that "since not so long time ago the release
> engineering process ... was set back by hardware failures" or how?


> My second trouble is the following two items at list:
> ``(1) Prevent deadlock/panic on NFS clients after NFS server reboots and
> caches aren't in sync. (2) NFS fixes to address incorrect atimes
> updates and cache coherency issues.''
> Both items describe a problems with NFS cache. Is these different bugs
> or not?

I don't know.  Sounds like different things to me.

> Next, for quoting we everywhere use DocBook construction based on
> <note/>, i.e.:
> 	<note><title/>
> 	<para>...</para>
> 	</note>
> Why not use <blockquote/> tags instead?

Mainly because nobody noticed that this might be a good tag. ;-)

I've made that change, too.  Thanks for suggesting.=20


I'm not even supposed to be here today!

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