Subject: Re: How to handle pt_PT and pt_BR ?
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 04/16/2005 15:54:35
Rui Paulo wrote:

> currently, there is a pt/ directory in htdocs repository. This is
> missleading as there are both pt_PT and pt_BR dialects. 
> Since I'm starting up the pt_PT translation I would like to know how are
> we going to handle this case ? The files in pt/ directory are in pt_BR.
> FYI: pt_PT -> Portugal (Europe), pt_BR - Brazilian (South America).
> I'm guessing pt/ should cease to exist and we should import it to pt_BR. 

I can only talk about "de" (de_AT, de_DE, de_CH) where the differences
in written language are really small (eg, use of &szlig; in .de but not
in .ch, as far as I know) and a separate tree is IMHO not necessary.

If you really feel the differences between pt_PT and pt_BR are big
enough then I think we will just have to do it.
What do Brazilians think about this?

Any comments from Spanish speakers whether something like this could be
necessary for them as well (es_ES, es_MX, es_AR,....) in the future?

What about French?