Subject: guide/en/chap- net-{practice,misc}.xml jumbo patch
To: None <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 03/26/2005 02:36:31

Included is a massive set of patches to guide/en/chap-

This is a very large patch that due to many circumstances.  Firstly,
this patch was based on diff's to chap-net.xml rev 1.13 from work I
started in October `04.  There have been many revisions since then,
including the very large patch between r1.18 and r1.19; -- not to
mention, the breaking and reorganization of chap-net-*. 

Because my original changes to chap-net.xml were so radical, combined
with the branching, I was forced to manually merge my original changes
and "catch up", resulting in a less-than-optimal set of patches below.

It was very difficult to track NON-FORMATING changes between
chap-net.xml's final revision and the first revisions of
chap-net-misc.xml and chap-net-practice.xml, but I believe I got the
formatting and section names right.

However visually poor the patches may appear, I believe that I have made
a great number improvements worth reviewing.

I was originally planning to allocate time to write a great deal more
content; however I other priorities occupy my time, so I'm submitting
the work I have, now, before someone else commits an radical change >:}

Patch to chap-net-practice.xml:

Patch to chap-net-misc.xml:

Full versions:

Viewable versions (w/ my NetBSD.css of course) at:

I will post URLs to original graphics/images soon, but in the mean time:


Hopefully this document will marginalize the need for
htdocs/Documentation/network/index.html, also hopefully encourage other
parts of htdocs/Documentation/network/* to be migrated, and maybe
motiviate more users to contribute to sections that I've outlined, but
not been able to complete.

Before commiting, general many incomplete <sect1>'s will need to be
commented out, and any contributors to either
chap-net-{practice,misc}.xml since Oct 2004 will want to verify
everything was merged in properly.

My hope is that some day NetBSD will feature the most comprehensive set
of Network-related documentation (FAQ/Tutorial/Howto/References/etc.)


Itemized Changes:
-> Improved organizational layout/skeleton for future content sections
(ask for volunteers in the lists?)
-> Added an ifaliases(5) section to chap-net-misc
-> Added mount_nfs(8) arguments to NFS section
-> Outlined more (all, I think?) network configuration files and
syntaxes where applicable
-> Outlined more (all, I think) userland bin/sbin network related
-> Lots of &rprompt; substitutions
-> Removal of all ^I (tab) characters; replaced with proper spacing
-> Standardize the use of "host" and "machine" and "node"
-> Standardize on <screen> and <programlisting>
-> Added brconfig(8) output contents to the soft-Bridge section (that
wasn't there...because?)
-> Added VLAN / vlan(4) section **Graphics need work!***
-> Merged Kerberos docs from htdocs/Documentation/network/index.html
-> Explained pppd config options; added more content there
-> Removed the section on connecting a NetBSD and WinNT machine via
serial port 
-> Removed some inappropriate remarks.

Missing / To-Do's:
-> OSI Model | TCP/IP Model comparison
-> Content for the following sections: Non-Std INterfaces, PXE, IPSect,
IPNat/IPF, AltQ, GRE, Security, Troubleshooting/FAQ


Original Document: (404 in the Attic/)

I merged ideas from material in:
-Stevens - TCP/IP Illust. Vol. 1 (ISBN#)


Originally planned layout:

Sect 1 - Intro & Network Concepts
    [Existing material]
    + Add OSI Model Diagram

Sect 2 - Practice 
    *) Kernel Config
     -- device drivers & pseudo devices
     -- Network device identification & notes on platform indepenent
     -- Supported media (ifconfig -m etc)
    *) Network Config Files
     - /etc/hosts /etc/ethers /etc/services /etc/protocols /etc/rc.conf 
	/etc/resolv.conf /etc/myname /etc/mygate /etc/nsswitch.conf 
	/etc/ifconfig.${IF} /etc/sysctl.conf 
         /etc/ipf.conf    /etc/ipnat.conf
    *) Network Userland Utilities
      - ifconfig, route, netstat, sysctl, tcpdump, ping, traceroute
	wiconfig, arp, host, dig, nslookup, ipf, ipmon
    *) Manual Interface Configuration
    *) Automatic Interface configuration w/ DHCP
      - Localizing settigs w/ custom dhclient.conf
    *) PPP
       - Analog modem
       - ISDN
       - Dial-on-Demand
    *) Special interfaces
      - WiFi, PPPoE, PPPoA

Sect 3 - Advanced Topics

    *) Interface Aliases
    *) Inetd (xref)
    *) IPFilter
    *) IPNat
    *) Bridging
    *) NFS
    *) SMB
    *) /net using amd(8)
    *) 6to4 Tunnel
    *) GRE Tunnel
    *) Kerberos
    *) AltQ
    *) VLANs 
    *) DHCP Server
    *) IPSec & VPNs
    *) PXE
    *) Network Performance Tuning
    *) Zebra Routing Daemon and/orDDR w/ PPP
    *) Securing Running Services
      - Service level ACLs
      - TCP Wrappers
      - IPF
      - Trusted Networks & Security Policies

Sect 4 - Troubleshooting & FAQ