Subject: using XInclude
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 03/13/2005 20:10:32

I am working on converting news pages (htdocs/Ports/*/news.html) to XML.

At the moment we copy contents (about 5 items) from every <port>/news.html
to <port>/index.html. I would like to take the opportunity and get rid
of this duplication.

There is a XML/XSLT specification called XInclude which is supported by
xsltproc. This lets us even include single XML elements (eg, the last 5
news items) from a referenced XML document.

It looks like this:

        href="news.xml#xpointer(/webpage/newspage/portnewsitem[1])" />
        href="news.xml#xpointer(/webpage/newspage/portnewsitem[5])" />

Is it ok to add
  XSLTPROC_ARGS+= --xinclude

to htdocs/share/mk/ Or should we only do this in those
directories where we actually use XInclude?