Subject: chap-rf.xml overhaul -- testers & proof reading?
To: None <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 09/01/2004 11:59:53

I've composed a large revision to the RAIDFrame document.  It merges
into Martti Kuparinen's existing document much content from a similar
document I wrote in Sep/Nov 2002, as well as the original document at (in CC:)

Most important changes:

*) It is no longer strictly a RAID-1 root example.  It is a general
RAIDFrame oriented document with one example and room for expansion.

*) The RAID-1 Root instructions have become platform independent, with
both i386 and sparc64 specific caveats.

*) 1.6.x series notes have been removed in preparation for the NetBSD
2.x release.

*) A few cheap illustrations have been added.

A list of to-do's:

*) Audit for consistent use of terminology such as 'drive', 'component',
'volume', 'set", 'mirror'

*) Audit use of <note> v.s. <replaceable> + {} syntax for platform
specific /dev devices. 

*) Clean up XML indentation (shiftwidth=4 --> shiftwidth=2) -- After the
second <sect1>, it's bad; real bad(R)

*) Re-add Dump-to-raw-SWAP-offset calculation instructions.

*) some &man; macros fail -- atactl(8), disklabel(8), installboot(8). 
>From the makefile, it seems to be a macro, but perhaps there's a
database of permitted entries somewhere that I missed?

*) GIF insead of PNG for images?  Images were created using "dia".

I have posted a viewable copy at:

This copy reflects some changes to NetBSD.css that I recommended due the
amount of screen output / user input.  I'm still looking for feedback on
this.  This copy also features another makefile change permitting both
the main and in-chapter TOCs to descend to <sect3>...defined in 


# for common

I've uploaded both my chap-rf.xml and a patch against
htdocs/guide/en/chap-rf.xml rev 1.18, however since the patch is larger
than the file...

Right now I'm looking for people to help test and proofread the new