Subject: Re: 2.0 chap-exinst
To: <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/30/2004 00:46:13
David Laight wrote:

>>I'll try and see if I can make the screenshots at a lower resolutions.
>>In the meanwhile, if somebody has other good suggestions, I'd love to
>>hear them.
>Install onto a vnd disk on a running system - then you can pick the
>font for the terminal window.
>Or run nbmake in src/distrib/utils/sysinst then
>cd obj/distrib/utils/sysinst/arch/i386 and run ./sysinst -D
>As non-root (but in group wheel) you should be able to run through
>all the early screens without any chance of trashing the disk.
>	David
Is the problem with taking the screenshots or is it laying it out for 
printing?  If capturing is the problem, and if sysinst will work with a 
serial console, one could install with a controlling xterm or use a tool 
capable of the making text screenshots/hardcopy (such as GNU screen, but 
it won't preserve colors).


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