Subject: Re: Italian translation
To: feedback <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 01/03/2004 18:08:37
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feedback <> wrote:

> I just subscribed this mailing list. I am translating
> into Italian or, at least, I am trying.

Great to hear that!  We certainly appreciate your work and are looking
forward to your documents.  I believe that Ants Aader has already given
you some pointers as to how you can work on the translation, but in
addition you may want to take a look at

> After the site is translated (I hope within February) I am thinking
> about translating Documentation and FAQ, cooperating with the local
> LUG (

This is great.  I hope that work does indeed progress as fast as you
predict.  We'd be glad to integrate your pages.

> Just e-mail me to inform me about when and HOW to upload (I have
> NEVER used CVS...).

For the time being, you can create a tarball of any new documents and
submit them to  Then, if you make changes to existing
documents, you can simply submit a 'cvs diff' from htdocs/it to the same

Thanks again for your offer to help us out!


I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.

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