Subject: htdocs/guide reorganization to support printable formats
To: None <>
From: Hiroki Sato <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/30/2003 01:54:24
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 I committed various changes to htdocs/guide just now.  They are
 mainly for supporting to generate PostScript and PDF version of
 the guide natively and cleanups of xml markup.  The visible changes
 for document writers are the following:

  - ${STYLE_TYPE} is used for specifying stylesheet type.
    `xsl' and `dsssl' are valid, and `xsl' is used by default.
    When you want to get the guide in a printable format,
    use STYLE_TYPE=dsssl.

  - ${FORMATS} is used for specifying the output format.
    `html', `html-split', `ps', `pdf' are valid, and `html-split'
    is used by default.  You can specify more than one value like
    FORMATS="html-split ps".

  - The toolchains in your system, especially dsssl-docbook-modular
    and tex-jadetex, should be upgraded.  I made patches[*] for the
    current pkgsrc, which include dsssl-docbook-modular,
    tex-jadetex, and docbook-xsl.  In addition ghostscript, jade,
    and openjade are needed.  

 For example:

  % cd htdocs/guide/en
  % make
   (`index.html' generated with XSLT stylesheet)

  % cd htdocs/guide/en
  % make FORMATS=ps STYLE_TYPE=dsssl
   (`' generated with DSSSL stylesheet)

  % cd htdocs/guide/en
  % make FORMATS="html-split html ps pdf" STYLE_TYPE=dsssl  
   (`netbsd.html', `index.html', `', and `netbsd.pdf' generated
    with DSSSL stylesheet)

 Although the committed patches need more improvement, they are just enough
 to generate PS/PDF version of the guide and should not break HTML rendering
 currently available.  Basically there is no content change, but if I missed
 something, please let me know, thanks.


| Hiroki SATO

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