Subject: Status of the NetBSD Guide 4
To: None <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/18/2003 12:33:19
Hello all,

Today I fixed up the kernel chapter. I did not go into detail about
the toolchain since it will get it's own chapter later on. After 
browsing the Guide again, I have found one last major item that
needs to be updated for -current (to be 2.0) and that is the installation.

I could use someone's help with this one. Here is what I need:

Someone who has emulation software (such as VMware) running to
take screenshots of every step of the installation process of a
snapshot. The snapshots can be found at

(which is offline ATM).

Just the screenshots, I or someone else can fill in the information
for each step. I would prefer them in gif format, but if you
have the time, a version in bmp and eps as well would be great.
Just take a look at the current sizes of the images to see how
large they need to be. If you add content and update the chapter
that would be even better!

Now, once the installation chapter is done, I am going to start
adding material, so far I plan on doing only the following:

	- the toolchain
	- migrate rc.d doco from htdocs/Documentation
	- migrate the inetd stuff from htdocs/Documention