Subject: Re: Guide Update
To: Daniel de Kok <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/21/2003 10:07:39
> Besides looking at 2boot, I'd like to have a look at this one.

Oh yeah, woops :) All of the boot chapters need reviewed/updated
as well.

> BTW. What is the best way to submit diffs for documentation on
> the website? netbsd-docs, www@ or send-pr. I might have some
> additions for the "Running VMWare on NetBSD" page...

Since I expect a flurry of activity, just send the diffs
to netbsd-docs for now, besides, there is a PR in 
gnats now (misc/14637) that basically says 'The Guide is
way out of date' which I think is sufficient.

Once we feel the Guide is 'up to speed' we can switch to using
send-pr since the traffic should be lower.


Jason (Jay) R Fink