Subject: Re: Guide Update
To: Jason R. Fink <>
From: Daniel de Kok <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/21/2003 13:59:07
On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 09:32:17AM -0400, Jason R. Fink wrote:
> I have started updating the Guide.

Many chapters need a thorough look-through. Besides being out of
date some chapters have ambiguous or unclear parts. For example,
the networking chapter explains how to set up an interface, and
mentions "ne0" is a sample after explaining the configuration
steps. The uncautious user might already have created /etc/ifconfig.ne0,
etc. In this particular example parts that explain e.g. interface
naming should be moved above a real-life example. Some parts say
the user has to execute a command, but does not explain what the
command does or what the output means, etc. Besides that there
are still some spelling mistakes (eg "50 ping SCSO port").

> I merged in some updates
> from Daniel de Kok (many thanks - you have been added to the
> contributors section), updated the acknowldgements, license, 
> and made some small changes to the DNS and CVS chapters.

Thanks for merging them.

> 	chap-misc	reviewed and/or updated

Besides looking at 2boot, I'd like to have a look at this one.

With kind regards,
Daniel de Kok

BTW. What is the best way to submit diffs for documentation on
the website? netbsd-docs, www@ or send-pr. I might have some
additions for the "Running VMWare on NetBSD" page...
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