Subject: Guide Update
To: None <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/21/2003 09:32:17
For those of you who do not follow CVS :-)

I have started updating the Guide. I merged in some updates
from Daniel de Kok (many thanks - you have been added to the
contributors section), updated the acknowldgements, license, 
and made some small changes to the DNS and CVS chapters.

Following is a worklist of chapters we could use help with:

On a per chapter basis:
	chap-ccd	needs reviewed
	chap-cons	reviewed and/or updated
	chap-inst	needs updated
	chap-kernel	needs updated
	chap-mail	reviewed and/or updated
	chap-misc	reviewed and/or updated
	chap-net	reviewed and/or updated
	chap-pack	reviewed and/or updated
	chap-print	reviewed and/or updated

Remember the goal is not to be compliant with 1.6, but to write
towards the next full release (in other words, as close to -current
as possible).  Please write in XML only, it is fairly simple. To get
it to build, install the netbsd-www meta package and from 
htdocs/ run:

	make NEW_HTDOCS=./autolayout.xml

Then you can:

	cd htdocs/guide/en

We could also use some help in the following areas, I see no reason
why these could not be done in parallel:
	- getting xml to build for translated target
	- translations
	- getting the PS target to build
	- a text only target

Many thanks,


Jason (Jay) R Fink