Subject: The NetBSD Guide
To: None <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/12/2003 09:36:36
Hello all,

As you are probably aware, the NetBSD Guide has stagnated
a bit recently. To take care of this problem, we have taken
some steps to make the Guide more accessible to the community
in addition to changing the source format.

Grant Beattie and Hubert Feyrer recently got the English
portion of the Guide to build the HTML target from XML
Docbook format. Many thanks to them for their hard work.

Right now, the Guide sources are available in:


The english portion is under:


Currently it is the only section that can build the HTML
target, which for now is fine. 

I have assumed the role of coordinating updates to the
Guide itself. To make contributions, simply checkout
the Guide's sources, install the netbsd-doc and netbsd-print
packages, then run 'make HTDOCS_NEW=YES' after the appropiate
changes to whatever section you are working on, for the
time being, send diffs to me.

Our goal is not to get the Guide up to 1.6.1, we feel this
would be a hinderance , instead, we are aiming to 
get it to reflect the upcoming major release, so basically
 -current as it stand now and the state of the system
when we branch for the next major release.

Surprisingly, there is not too much work that needs to be
done. Following is a worklist I have compiled. I have assigned
myself chapters to work on, if you would like to work on
a specific chapter, please let me know. Once we feel the
english portion is in a decent state, we will start looking
into the translations.

Again, *many* thanks to Grant and Hubert for getting the
XML->HTML target working. 

NOTE: In a previous email I had myself listed for the
x section, I have decided not to update it myself.

Thanks for your time,

preface                         ok
licence                         update
intro                           ok
inst                            review
boot                            update
2boot                           review
print                           review
kernel                          ok
pack                            review
net                             update
dns                             update  jrf
mail                            review
cons                            review
edit                            ok
x                               update  
linux                           review
audio                           review
cvs                             review  jrf
ccd                             review
misc                            review
appendix                        review
contrib                         update
sgml                            update/remove/replace with xml
ack                             update

Jason (Jay) R Fink