Subject: Re: language names and character sets for web pages
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/07/2002 15:18:17
Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Klaus Heinz <> wrote:

> I believe this should be ISO-8859-15 - as most (all?) ISO-8859-1's
> should be to include the Euro etc.

Quoting translate.html:

  Note that you should not use ISO-8859-15 as the charset. Even though
  this would be the best charset to represent all special characters
  commonly encountered in German (and other European language based)
  documents (such as the Euro-symbol), not all browsers are able to handle
  this charset. Therefore, please use ISO-8859-1 and use numeric entity
  references when you need to include a character from a different

Is this reason not valid anymore?

> >   - Is anybody still working on a Czech translation?
> Not to my knowledge.  It's been orphaned for quite a while, with
> occasional updates/corrections to existing pages by Jaromir Dolecek

Too bad :-/.

> I had asked Paulo the same question when I originally imported the
> branch.  His answer led me to include "-BR" -- since it was given in a
> private email, I'll not copy'n paste it here, but the differences seemed
> at least as strong as the differences between de-DE and de-CH.

Shouldn't we then be more consistent and use htdocs/pt-BR/ instead of
htdocs/pt/ if the HTML pages use <html lang="pt-BR">? 

> >   - Who works on zh-TW?
> Rui-Xiang Guo (rxg@ )

So we could list him as the coordinator for zh-TW on the web page.
And Bang Jun-Young for the Korean translation?

> hardly understand somebody speaking in another.  A quick google
> indicates that there are at least seven major language groups.  I'd
> assume that this should be enough to leave it as is, but if Rui-Xiang
> (or anybody else with more insights) knows better, please let us
> know.

Then it seems necessary to use lang="zh-TW" in the /zh-TW/ branch.

Btw, according to RRC 3066, language codes use '-' and not '_' to
separate subtags, so we need to change this in the pages (pt_BR) and in
the directory structure (zh_TW).