Subject: Re: want to do some translation for NetBSD's doc to Simplified Chinese
To: None <>
From: Rui-Xiang Guo <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/09/2002 20:31:31
> Dear Federico Lupi,

It is not easy to find Federico. :>

> At the moment I want to some NetBSD documentation translation from English
> to Simplified Chinese. I haven't found some chinese facility under NetBSD

This is not true for recent snapshot.

It already have the locale support. Then you can find some tools in pkgsrc/:

inputmethod/xcin, inputmethod/Chinput for inputing servers
x11/rxvt, x11/mlterm for inputing clients
vi, editors/ve for text editors(lightweight) or use
editors/emacs, editors/xemacs.
textproc/stardic, textproc/pyDict for dictionaries if you need. :)

> and my Windows system could write for that. Is that Ok?

I am not sure but you will not be able to use some tools to *compile* it
for previewing.

> Besides, I found the short guide is very useful but I haven't found a
> tarball for the ease of downloading, could you arrange something for that?

You can use 'cvs' to get the last .sgml files in htdocs/guide/en.
Maybe use the files under zh_TW/ is a good start point,
(use converters/autoconvert to do the initial work.)
although it is not good enough and the chap-net.sgml needs to be updated.
I will find some time to do it...

Happy translating!