Subject: Re: default copyright for docs?
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 05/29/2002 17:04:51
Jan Schaumann <> writes:
> "Perry E. Metzger" <> wrote:
> > cvs log and cvs annotate will likely settle the question for you
> > nearly instantly of who to contact.
> Well, as I stated earlier, cgd already told me that the original from
> which he imported the file did not contain any copyright notice either.
> He referred me to lib/libc/rpc/DISCLAIMER, which does not lead me to a
> conclusion re the copying of the man-page by LFS, however.  Maybe I'm
> just not good at lawyer-speak.

DISCLAIMER appears to quite explicitly claim copyright and limit the
man page's use, at least by my reading.

Perry E. Metzger
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