Subject: Re: Czech translation (2)
To: Ivan Dolezal <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 03/29/2002 09:31:03
Ivan Dolezal <> wrote:
> Just to explain: the NetBSD Guide says that I should just send the 
> request to netbsd-docs and you guys will send me the DocBook files. 
> Maybe the guide should be corrected.

Oh, there was some miscommunication between the two of us.  I thought
you asked about translating the NetBSD website, but it seems you asked
about translating the NetBSD Guide from Frederico Lupi.

To my knowledge, there are no Czech translators working on the Guide in
the moment, so you'd have the honor of initiating the translation :)

As stated on,
you'd have to contact Frederico Lupi to get the SGML sources, Makefiles
etc. -- I cc'd him on this email, so I'm sure he'll respond to you.

> Why don't you put the Czech version to ? The site is 
> mirroring the English version...

Well, first of all, it's a mirror of the NetBSD website, so naturally,
it will display the english version.  It does contain just as many Czech
pages as -- you will find them under

However, there are currently not enough pages (yet) to warrant making
them the default -- if somebody translates more and more, we might
eventually consider putting them up just as we did with the German and
Japanese translation.