Subject: Re /htdocs/fr/
To: Guillain <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 01/25/2002 17:41:01
Guillain <> wrote:
> Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
> >I don't know how you want to organize yourselves, but as I had told
> >Adrien earlier, I'll be happy to adjust my "German Translation guide"
> >( to be a general "Translation
> >Guide" with sub-sections specific to a certain language.  After all, the
> >general process of translating the files ought to be the same.
> Yes, it should be a good idea to have the same way of translating.
> I will work on this and adapt sections like "English Words/Phrases" for 
> frensh language. I'd be happy if you integrate it in your guide.

Alright - I made a few changes to that URL and added a section for the
French phrases etc.  As soon as I get them from you, I'll incorporate
them into the document.

> >Furthermore, if you're interested, I could set up a mailing-list for the
> >French translators similar to what we do under
> >
> Yes, please.

I set up a list for the french translators.  See

Also, I made a few adjustments to to
serve as a portal for various translations.  Comments of all kinds
always welcome.