Subject: Re: a (very) brief Guide to Translating the website into German
To: None <>
From: Rainer Brandt <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 01/11/2002 08:45:51
Hello there,

the translation is of course a good idea, and the new web site looks

The rules regarding English words and phrases are reasonable and well

Is there an accepted way of sending bug reports other than by way of
including diff output? (I have always and will always only produce
and use English documentation, and don't want to set up a CVS work
area just for bug reporting.)  For instance, the main page has a
grammatical error in its second sentence:  It says "hochentwickelten
Eigenschaften" where it should be "hochentwickelte Eigenschaften".
(Of course, this still is a pretty awkward phrase anyway, but I
realise that finding good translations is particularly hard in
technological documentation.)

Regarding the "Verf=FCgbare Berater" hyperlink:  They are only
available ("verf=FCgbar") if they currently have spare time, which you
probably don't want to guarantee.
Also, it should be made clear that the consultants referred to are
offering a commercial service.  (The orginial page says "Consultants
for hire", and I believe these words were chosen for a reason.)
So, rule #1 should be:  Don't change the meaning.

Regarding the HTML entities (&auml; etc):
See my message sent on 2001-12-04.  The W3C validator definitely does
_not_ require them.  They only trigger on more conversion step on the
client side.

Regarding German pronounciation rules:
I don't see a reason why potential contributors should be driven away
by the rule stated in the guide.  The guide says that "it's the rule",
which indicates that the author could not think of any reason to
support his decision.  (I don't want to start a rant about catastrophes=

not avoided because something was "the rule"...)  Our (German)
government has no legislative authorization in this area, except for
the use of the language within its own organizational units.  It is
certainly not correct to criticize either version as incorrect.
Do you believe Irish or British authors should be forced to use the
american pronounciation rules?
I don't see a technical reason for your decision, either.  A good spell=

checker will accept both versions.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. If you are reading this text via the mailing list archive, the
umlaut characters will probably not be displayed correctly due to a
deficiency of the archive's or the web interface's software.

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