Subject: HTML encoding
To: None <>
From: Rainer Brandt <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 12/04/2001 15:54:16
Hubert Feyrer and Jan Schaumann wrote:

HF> About Umlaute etc., I don't have a problem to use ISO 8859-1 (=E4, =
HF> =FC) instead, but that's my personal opinion.

JS> In HTML they SHOULD be replaced with entities (or even MUST?) to co=
JS> with w3's validator, IIRC.  Also, I, for example, don't have those =
JS> on my keyboard ;-)


You may use an encoding of your choice, provided the encoding is
correctly labeled.  See
for HTML 4.01 (in particular, section 5.2.1).

For some encodings, character entity references (that's the thingies yo=
seem to refer to (&auml; and the like)) have been defined for your
convenience, and you _may_ use these.  Conforming clients are required
to convert these to the apropriate character entities.

(See also, section 2.4.1)=

RFC 2854 does not contradict that.

Rainer J. H. Brandt

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