Subject: Re: NetBSD Website Translation to German
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/30/2001 02:24:20

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Jan Schaumann wrote:
> I was able to find a few other people who are willing to help out, and
> we are currently in the process or organizing ourselves.  Our initial
> efforts of translating the website can be seen at

I saw your previous mails, and I think it's wonderful that you want to
work on this! Unfortunately, the NetBSD Project doesn't have anyone
coordinating translation right now (as far as I understand) which is why
there's an awful slack. Let's try to get over this!

> I, personally, have not had time to check out the htdocs module from
> CVS -- f you are aware of any caveats or have tips and tricks, please
> share them with us :)

I looked at your site and the mail that you sent to netbsd-docs with a
list of files that you have changed. I have committed several of them:


I have also taken a (very!) few changes of your pages to the pages that
already exist in htdocs, and that you have also translated
(htdocs/de/index.html, htdocs/de/Misc/about.html). There's more work to do
merging your pages and the existing ones, I'd prefer if you could do that.

Before I go into a few details that came to my attention taking a quick
look at your translations, I'd like to spend a word about the general idea
I have about translations:

I'd LOVE to have translations available for all sort of pages of htdocs,
in all sort of languages. Right now there's noone coordinating this, I
don't have much time, and you seem to be interrest in doing the work (or
you already did it to a good part! :-), so let's work out how to make
integration of your changes as easy as possible:

I'd like you to check out the htdocs collection from anoncvs, and bring
your translations into the directory scheme there (htdocs/de for german
pages, with links to ../foo for references to english language pages).
This ensures we operate both on the same directory structure. (If you need
help w/ anoncvs, let me[*] or anyone on the lists know!)

You can then export that htdocs directory with your changes via HTTP if
you want, like you do now. 

For getting things fed into htdocs, I'd suggest you send me either
 * patches to htdocs (output of "cd .../htdocs/de ; cvs diff") for
   changes you make and
 * send me URLs of new files that aren't in htdocs yet that I can then
   import. That's what I did with the pathnames from your previous mail.
I guess that should work for a start, we can work out other ways later.

I'll also try(!) to do a bit of proof reading, but I'd really apprecite if
other people (is Thorsten Lindloff on this list? :-) could help me out

OK, after the general things here's a few general minor nits
that I've noticed in your translations: 

 * control -> Steuerung (nicht Kontrolle!)
 * Portable -> portable (nicht eindeutschen!)
 * embedded -> embedded (dito - Branchensprache)
 * "Distribution" is an awful term used in germany that comes from 
   the Linux planet. Please don't translate the english word
   "Distribution" as "Distribution" in german, as it's has a totally
   different meaning. (One could think NetBSD is just one assembly of
   a special OS as it's in linux county, but that's different in BSD
   land!). Also, please use "Vertrieb" over "Vertreibung"  
   (Goals/redistribution.html). (distribution=vertrieb,
 * Please do not translate "NetBSD Packages System", use as-is.
 * Please do not translate "NetBSD Packages Collection" as "... System.
   The idea is: The NetBSD 3rd Party Software System consists of
   the pkg engine ("The NetBSD Packages System", i.e. etc.)
   and the collection of package build instructions ("The NetBSD Packages 
   Collection", pkgsrc). packages.html needs adjustment for that!
 * mirrors/index.html: I'm afraid this was a lost effort. From the head
   of that file:

   -    This file was generated by:
   -            -Header: /cvsroot/localsrc/admin/mirrors/,v 1.40 2001/08/05 12:01:53 lukem Exp -
   -    Please do not edit this file directly: make the
   -    appropriate changes to the script.

   localsrc is not publically available, but I think the list of mirrors
   can be used from the english version for a start. 
 * index.html: I have an idea on how to maintain one copy of the
   english language announcements, and then get them merged into the
   various translations' index.html page automatically. Ask if you want to
   know more.
 * last, but IMPORTANT: PLEASE add the RCS ID (returned by
   ident: $NetBSD: ...$) of the source file a translation is based
   on! This makes updating things easier when the source gets changes. 

> Also, if you know of any other people currently involved or interested
> in this project, please let them and us know as well.

I'll forward this mail to them. For the time being, I'd suggest we keep
discussion on though. 

I'll be out of town traveling the next two weeks (business trip, not
for fun ;-) starting sunday. So please don't expect a rapid answer!

 - Hubert

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