Subject: Open Packages Documentation
To: None <>
From: Chris Coleman <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 07/12/2001 21:23:26
The Open Packages project is picking up speed.  Before it gets too much
bigger, I'd like to get the documentation process started.  I imaging that
we would need a "Package Maintainers Handbook" and a "OP User's Guide", as
well as some associated man pages.  

I am sure that we can take most of the existing ports/pkgsrc
documentation and import it verbatim into this project, and modify it as
things change. 

So, now I am looking for volunteers to help with the OP documentation
project.  If you already have a NetBSD commit bit, just send me your
public ssh key and I will setup your OP account.

Chris Coleman		Editor in Chief
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