Subject: Re: NetBSD Ports History
To: None <>
From: Yuji Yamano <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/14/2001 20:22:07
Sorry for the delay.

Reed Shadgett <> writes:

> So, with some of the later ports in the table we'll
> have to find out when that was, since it was before the date it was
> imported (and we won't gather that information till we print that
> T-Shirt again I bet). ;)

"one size fits all" T-Shirt has the date of some ports. I've seen it
at Open Source Matsuri. Does anyone have it?

> > Yet a third person might want to start counting when -current sources
> > or a stable binary snapshot were ready for the platform.
> Ahh, we're making one big table here.  If people are interested in when
> a port was initially committed to our source tree, we can add that date
> to the intro text on the various port-specific pages (a la sparc).

I think it is too big for ports history. If we need many kind of date, 
it is better to make pages by each purpose. 

Yuji Yamano