Subject: Re: NetBSD Ports History
To: Yuji Yamano <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/03/2001 12:50:49
(A suggestion: It would have been preferable to put your HTML page up on a
web-server and post a URL to it.)

Regarding the dates, you can get some info from the NetBSD site itself.  
For example, off of the main NetBSD page, there is a Sparc page at on which it is said, ``It was imported
into the NetBSD source tree on October 2, 1993.''

Looking at the port-sparc mailing list archive, another turning point
seems to have been reached in this post:

...this closely matches your 1994/02/01 date (and the message was posted
late the night of 01/31...).

It would be nice to see a coherant account of when each port came online,
though.  Hopefully your page will be accepted into the NetBSD site
somewhere and maintained.

Perhaps you should list multiple dates for each, or a span of time?  One
person may be interested in knowing at what time(s) people had NetBSD
booting on a machine.  Another may only be interested in knowing when
binary distributions were available.  Yet a third person might want to
start counting when -current sources or a stable binary snapshot were
ready for the platform.

Alternatively, describe what criteria you intend to use to select the
date at which the port came into existance.  (I've often been a little
bothered by the fact that the number of supported platforms seems to vary
substantially, at any given time, depending upon who's reporting it.  I
don't know if the people are applying different criteria, or if they are
just out of synch.  Similarly, I've been irritated a time or two to hear
that XXX hardware is supported, but later I find that it is only supported
under -current---since I only run releases at present, I may have to wait
a year or more before what works under -current today will be supported in
a release.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Again, I think that the history page is a
good idea, and wish you well in getting it onto the NetBSD site.

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."