Subject: Re: Translating NetBSD in french
To: Guillain <>
From: Daniel De Kok <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/13/2000 19:06:44

>    I am a french man and I work both with Macintosh and FreeBSD. I have 
> start to translate some things for FreeBSD (web site and man pages) and I 
> think, now, that I can focus to NetBSD, less known.
>    I saw you are the contact for the project "Documentation Translation" 
> so I write you. I can sometimes do translations (FAQ, HowTo...) but only 
> with my Macintosh under MacOS. If you are interested by my contribution, 
> aswer me.

It is great to hear you want to help. Please subscribe to the netbsd-docs
mailinglist, because we're still discussion translation/the documentation.

With kind regards,
Daniel de Kok

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