Subject: Re: Organisation of documentation
To: Daniel De Kok <>
From: Murray Stokely <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/06/2000 17:10:08
On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Daniel De Kok wrote:
% Browsing the NetBSD documentation I was wondering how the documentation is
% going to be organised in future. Right now it is a bunch of HOWTO-like
% document, but it would be interesting to integrate them in a handbook like the
% FreeBSD handbook. We could use Frederico Lupi's "The NetBSD Operating System -
% A short guide" as a starting point, and start expanding it by integrating
% existing documentation.
% Besides centralizing the documentation such effort would also make it easier to
% integrate the documentation into the main NetBSD tree.

  I'm new to NetBSD, but I haven't found much of anything for
documentation infrastructure.  The FreeBSD Handbook is a SGML document
using the DocBook DTD with some custom extentions.  There are a lot of
makefiles (, build tools (jade), and stylesheets
(freebsd.dsl and Norm Walsh's stylesheets) necessary for this kind of
project.  This infrastructure allows the FreeBSD Documentation Project
to easily produce ouput for HTML (for the web), PostScript (for the
published edition available in retail stores), or plain text.

  Is anyone working on NetBSD Documentation Infrastructure?  I wrote a
howto which is available at that should
probably be integrated with the NetBSD/sparc64 web pages.