Subject: re: Installing NetBSD/sparc64 from Solaris
To: Murray Stokely <>
From: matthew green <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 11/05/2000 00:49:26
     After two weeks of trying virtually every possible approach for
   NetBSD/sparc64 installation I've documented the procedure that finally
   worked for me on my Ultra 5.  The INSTALL.* documents in the 1.5_BETA
   are severely lacking and if someone will point me to the source
   document (SGML?) that these are created from, then I will submit a
   patch.  In the mean time I've documented the procedure I used to
   install NetBSD at the following URL :

great!  the master sources for the INSTALL document are in the NetBSD
source tree in src/distrib/notes.  they are in mandoc with a bunch of
extra macros on top, i believe..  patches for install notes will be
happily applied!
     Thanks to Eduardo Horvath, Andrei Petrov, Matthew Green, Charles
   Carvalho, and everyone else who gradually steered me in the right
   direction.  I must say that this was the most difficult operating
   system installation I have ever completed. ;)

i think there are now over 10 people in the world running netbsd/sparc64