Subject: ruNetBSD commit [295]: pkgsrc-guide
To: None <>
From: Mike M. Volokhov <>
List: netbsd-docs-ru
Date: 05/26/2006 18:39:25
Commited in:  pkgsrc-guide
Commited by:  mishka (Mike M. Volokhov)
Date:         2006-05-26 18:39:25 +0300 (Fri, 26 May 2006)

Changed Files:
	A   pkgsrc-guide/
	A   pkgsrc-guide/CVS/
	A   pkgsrc-guide/CVS/Entries
	A   pkgsrc-guide/CVS/Repository
	A   pkgsrc-guide/CVS/Root
	A   pkgsrc-guide/Makefile
	A   pkgsrc-guide/binary.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/build.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/buildlink.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/chapters.ent
	A   pkgsrc-guide/components.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/configuring.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/debug.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/devfaq.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/editing.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/examples.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/faq.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/fixes.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/ftp-layout.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/getting.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/
	A   pkgsrc-guide/introduction.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/logs.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/makefile.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/options.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/pkginstall.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/pkgsrc.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/platforms.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/plist.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/porting.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/regression.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/CVS/
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/CVS/Entries
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/CVS/Repository
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/CVS/Root
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/catalog
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/default-html-chunk.xsl
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/default-html.xsl
	A   pkgsrc-guide/share/default.dsl
	A   pkgsrc-guide/submit.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/tools.xml
	A   pkgsrc-guide/using.xml

Log Message:
Import a complete copy of the pkgsrc guide (pkgsrc/doc/guide/files) into
russian w.i.p. repository.

Please note, translation should go into htdocs/ru/Documentation/pkgsrc.

Have fun!

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