Subject: Re: [netbsd-docs-fr] back
To: ADrien Auzanneau <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs-fr
Date: 04/11/2002 14:43:26
ADrien Auzanneau <> wrote:
> le Jeu 11-04-2002 à 18:47, Jan Schaumann a écrit :
> I'll restart to translate at the end of the month, when my work will be
> finish. I'll have a nice Pentium 120 laptop dedicate to this work :)

Hey, excellent - great to see you're reaching the end of your work :)
Hope it worked out well.

> > Since the machine is currently hosted off is a rather old
> > little sparc thingy, you will probably notice that CVS is a bit slower
> > than usual...
> If you don't thing it's a good idea do make up a "french only" cvs
> server for translation, could you say me if it's possible to synchronize
> on yours or how having an account.

No prob - I'll give you an account.  You're probably right, it wouldn't
make too much sense to spread this out over yet another different
machine, especially since I already have a bunch of scripts on mine that
automate some of the maintenance.

> I've tryed to find some other people ready to translate...they never
> have time :( 
> So i'll try to continue alone.

Don't worry - I'm sure you'll find more people once you've started.  I
started by myself, and it took a little time but now there are a few
other people helping.  Maybe advertise your efforts in french
newsgroups, mailing-lists etc?

> If you have document will must be translate before other, could you send
> me by mail a list of priority, cause i don't know how begin...maybe the
> website.

Well, the website already has quite a few pages translated.  All I'd
need for it to actually place it "live" (ie put a link to it on the main
website) would be that you (or somebody else) goes through the files and
fixes any broken links, updates the pages to be in synch with the
current english version etc.

Once that's done, just pick a section you like and go ahead.  I think
the most important -- though unfortunately also the most difficult to
translate -- section is htdocs/Documentation, but anything will be
appreciated and help the project.