Subject: [netbsd-docs-de] Re: new pages
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs-de
Date: 11/30/2001 19:04:06
Hubert Feyrer <> wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Jan Schaumann wrote:

>  * Please read the text again from front to back if you're done,
>    maybe let 1-2 days pass so you have some distance from the content
>    and can spot things that are too close to the english version easier

Good idea!

> > Eventually -- as Hubert suggested -- we would like to have a "Styel
> > Guide", so I'd suggest we start compiling a list of reoccurring phrases
> > and their proper translations.
> Can you do this, Jan?
> Maybe make a "language dependent" and a "language independent" section.
> The latter may be useful for other translations too.

I'll put it on my TODO.

> Links and directory structure: PLEASE move to htdocs format!

Agreed.  Will do so this weekend.

> About Umlaute etc., I don't have a problem to use ISO 8859-1 (, ,
> ) instead, but that's my personal opinion.

In HTML they SHOULD be replaced with entities (or even MUST?) to comply
with w3's validator, IIRC.  Also, I, for example, don't have those keys
on my keyboard ;-)

> > I suggest that -- until we figure out a better way -- I set up a CVS
> > server on my machine which will allow all of us to check in and out the
> > webpages.  Then, after we all proof-read the pages and agree that
> > they're Good (tm), I send them off to Hubert (or somebody else at
> > NetBSD) for inclusion into the "real" site.  I would set up a CVS server
> > this weekend, most likely.  Other ideas/comments?
> Um, this calls for trouble.
> Everyone working on this, just check out the NetBSD htdocs module ("env
> CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d co htdocs"), and
> send diffs. I'd prefer if you - Jan - could collect them and maintain a
> master tree somehow. If you want to use CVS for your own purpose, that's
> fine with me, but please use the directory structure and existing contents
> from htdocs so we can easily identify duplicates etc.
> (Right now I understand you have replaced english pages with german ones,
> instaead of placing the later ones in htdocs/de, where they really
> belong).

Ok, here's what I thought I'd do:

1) I will check out htdocs from NetBSD CVS and merge it with our current
   documents.  This will be the German-Master-Tree for us.

2) I will set up a CVS server, which will - initially -  have a copy of the
   directory tree from (1).  We (the people working on the translation),
   check out the tree from this server, make changes and commit to this

3) I will set up a webpage (either what I have right now, or a virtual
   server), with the document-root in this "netmeister-htdocs" CVS-root
   This server will be (in effect) a mirror of the NetBSD website, plus
   the latest,  up-to-date German translation

4) Note that both CSV trees will have an identical structure, so that I
   can run a script on a regular basis that will create a diff of
   "our" htdocs-tree against the original NetBSD htdocs-tree.  This diff
   will then be placed somewhere on my webserver, so that Hubert (or
   whoever's in charge) can download it and use it to update the actual
   NetBSD website.

> I'd prefer if we could move communication to, which
> is most visible to other interrested people. At worst, I guess you
> could subscribe that list to yours. ;-)

My thought-process was that on we can
interchange English and German and debate specific German issues.  I
would suggest that we (the people translating the pages and checking
things in and out of my CVS server) continue to use this list.  To make
a clear distinction between this list and, I'd
suggest to make German the default language on netbsd-docs-de.  Other,
general discussions (such as this) can then be held in English on, which, if necessary or appropriate can be CC'd
to both.

Too complicated / redundant?