Subject: [netbsd-docs-de] Re: new pages
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-docs-de
Date: 11/30/2001 23:42:36
On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Jan Schaumann wrote:

Comments on this one:
 * Please write dates in german format: there's a dot after
   the "29" in "29 Februar".
 * Revidieren =3D=3D back out !=3D review.=20
 * Please read the text again from front to back if you're done,
   maybe let 1-2 days pass so you have some distance from the content
   and can spot things that are too close to the english version easier


 * This is already in htdocs/de/Releases/index.html. Please check
   before you duplicate work! Patches are of course always welcome!
   (See "check out htdocs!" from my previous mail)
 * Please don't translate "Release" as "Freigabe". Either "Release" or
   "Version" is ok
 * The part about the "NetBSD-release" branch is missing
 * HTML Tags: please use all lower-case tags for compliance with
 * Please note what english version your translation is based on.
   Strip the $s from the original document and add it:

   <!-- Based on english version:                              -->
   <!--   NetBSD: index.html,v 1.41 2001/09/13 22:04:24 tv Exp -->    =20

   (Leaving the original RCS ID in is ok as long as things aren't checked
   into a local CVS repository, but it's a good idea to strip things as
   we keep our docs in CVS :-)

> Please take the time to read through them and make suggestions for
> improvements, spelling-errors etc.
> I realized a few issues as I went through the translation, which I'd
> like to throw in here for discussion:
> "Release" -- what does this translate to?  On this page, we use
>        "Freigabe", but I think it sounds awkward.  Should we just leave i=
t at
>        "Release"?

"Release" sounds fine to me. "Version" sounds ok as an option, i guess we
can use both.=20

> "supported Platform" - wollen wir da wirklich "unterstuetzte Platform"
> sagen?  Wie sonst koennte man "supported" adaequat uebersetzen?

"unterstuetzte Platform" klingt perfectly ok.

> "More information" --  Ich wuerde "weitere Informationen" als
>        Standardforumlierung vorschlagen.  Ok?


> "Year 2000 Compliance" -- Compliance?

hmmm... aus den Vorschlaegen von wuerd' ich Befolgung oder
Erfuellung waehlen. Nicht wirklich gut, aber mei.

> "interface" -- Interface?

Abhaengig vom Kontext - aber klingt erstmal gut.

> Kursivschreibung englischer Originalsaetze?  Z.B.: "wie es die /Single
> Unix Specification/ empfiehlt".
> Eventually -- as Hubert suggested -- we would like to have a "Styel
> Guide", so I'd suggest we start compiling a list of reoccurring phrases
> and their proper translations.

Can you do this, Jan?
Maybe make a "language dependent" and a "language independent" section.
The latter may be useful for other translations too.

> Administrativa:
> Emre sent me these files as HTML-files, containing the new, German text.
> That is good, for the moment.  However, if you do so, please make sure
> that you use relative links (ie "href=3D../Misc" rather than
> "href=3D").  Please use
> HTML-entities for Umlaute and S-Zett (&auml; &ouml; &uuml; &szlig;).

Links and directory structure: PLEASE move to htdocs format!

This helps=20
 * later integration
 * detecting what's already translated
 * helps detecting links that are to english pages now and need to be
   moved to german versions once available

About Umlaute etc., I don't have a problem to use ISO 8859-1 (=E4, =F6,
=FC) instead, but that's my personal opinion.

> I suggest that -- until we figure out a better way -- I set up a CVS
> server on my machine which will allow all of us to check in and out the
> webpages.  Then, after we all proof-read the pages and agree that
> they're Good (tm), I send them off to Hubert (or somebody else at
> NetBSD) for inclusion into the "real" site.  I would set up a CVS server
> this weekend, most likely.  Other ideas/comments?

Um, this calls for trouble.
Everyone working on this, just check out the NetBSD htdocs module ("env
CVS_RSH=3Dssh cvs -d co htdocs"), and
send diffs. I'd prefer if you - Jan - could collect them and maintain a
master tree somehow. If you want to use CVS for your own purpose, that's
fine with me, but please use the directory structure and existing contents
from htdocs so we can easily identify duplicates etc.

(Right now I understand you have replaced english pages with german ones,
instaead of placing the later ones in htdocs/de, where they really

> Todo:
> Please check the above URLs for errors and make suggestions.  Also,
> please compare and
> (I didn't know of the first
> URL when I did the second) and let's try to merge them into a Good (tm)
> translation.

Your job! :-)

For now, I have taken the above two pages and merged them into the
existing htdocs/de, with some local changes from me.

> P.S.: Hubert, if you do not want to be CC'd (or if you subscribed to our
> mailing-list), shoot me a quick email.

I'd prefer if we could move communication to, which
is most visible to other interrested people. At worst, I guess you
could subscribe that list to yours. ;-)

 - Hubert

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