Subject: [netbsd-docs-de] new pages
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-docs-de
Date: 11/29/2001 23:13:53
Hallo Leute,

Emre finished two more pages, which I just -- kind-of -- proofread:

Please take the time to read through them and make suggestions for
improvements, spelling-errors etc.

I realized a few issues as I went through the translation, which I'd
like to throw in here for discussion:

"Release" -- what does this translate to?  On this page, we use
       "Freigabe", but I think it sounds awkward.  Should we just leave it at

"supported Platform" - wollen wir da wirklich "unterstuetzte Platform"
sagen?  Wie sonst koennte man "supported" adaequat uebersetzen?

"More information" --  Ich wuerde "weitere Informationen" als
       Standardforumlierung vorschlagen.  Ok?

"Year 2000 Compliance" -- Compliance?

"interface" -- Interface?

Kursivschreibung englischer Originalsaetze?  Z.B.: "wie es die /Single
Unix Specification/ empfiehlt".

Eventually -- as Hubert suggested -- we would like to have a "Styel
Guide", so I'd suggest we start compiling a list of reoccurring phrases
and their proper translations.


Emre sent me these files as HTML-files, containing the new, German text.
That is good, for the moment.  However, if you do so, please make sure
that you use relative links (ie "href=../Misc" rather than
"href=").  Please use
HTML-entities for Umlaute and S-Zett (&auml; &ouml; &uuml; &szlig;).

I suggest that -- until we figure out a better way -- I set up a CVS
server on my machine which will allow all of us to check in and out the
webpages.  Then, after we all proof-read the pages and agree that
they're Good (tm), I send them off to Hubert (or somebody else at
NetBSD) for inclusion into the "real" site.  I would set up a CVS server
this weekend, most likely.  Other ideas/comments?


Please check the above URLs for errors and make suggestions.  Also,
please compare and (I didn't know of the first
URL when I did the second) and let's try to merge them into a Good (tm)

Also, please check out the "htdocs" module from NetBSD's CVS-tree and
familiarize yourself with the way it works.

Things are happening... :)


P.S.: Hubert, if you do not want to be CC'd (or if you subscribed to our
mailing-list), shoot me a quick email.