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Re: installing NetBSD/amd64-current on a ThinkPad X201

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 10:28:07PM +0200, Zafer Aydogan wrote:
> No, you have to turn on WAPBL after the installation by adding
> log to the options of  in /etc/fstab and then reboot.

You can do that in the installer already (on a fresh install).
Just select the filesystem and change it's mount options:

 We now have your BSD-disklabel partitions as:
 This is your last chance to change them.
    Start  MB   End  MB  Size  MB FS type    Newfs Mount Mount point
    --------- --------- --------- ---------- ----- ----- -----------
>a:         0     30635     30636 FFSv2      Yes   Yes   /
 b:     30636     34731      4096 swap
 c:         0     34731     34732 Whole disk
 d:         0         0         0 unused
 e: Show all unused partitions
 f: Change input units (sectors/cylinders/MB)
 x: Partition sizes ok

selecting a (or pressing enter there) leads to:

 The current values for partition `a' are, 
 Select the field you wish to change:
                           MB cylinders   sectors
              ------- --------- ---------
>a:         FStype:     FFSv2
 b:          start:         0        0          0
 c:           size:     30636    21718   62743302
 d:            end:     30636    21718   62743302
 e:          newfs:       Yes
 f:  avg file size:         4 fragments
 g:     block size:     16384 bytes
 h:  fragment size:      2048 bytes
 i:          mount:       Yes
 j:  mount options: log
 k:    mount point:         /
 l: Change input units (sectors/cylinders/MB)
 m: Restore original values
 x: Partition sizes ok

As you see, log is already the default - but you can select different options

(This is in -current, I think it is not on by default in netbsd-5)


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