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gnome-user-share: wants webdav


I've package gnome-user-share, one of the missing packages for GNOME.
It says, however:
-- quote --
The program is meant to run in the background when the user is
logged in, and when file sharing is enabled a webdav server is
started that shares the $HOME/Public folder. The share is then
published to all computers on the local network using mDNS/rendezvous,
so that it shows up in the Network location in Gnome.

The dav server used is apache, so you need that installed. Avahi
or Howl is used for mDNS support, so you need to have that installed
and mDNSResolver running.
-- end quote --

Suggestions on how to handle that in pkgsrc?
Depend on avahi and mDNSresolver and apache and mod_dnssd (like the
configure script says)? Who starts them?

(I had already sent this one to tech-pkg, without any feedback,
perhaps someone here has ideas?)

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