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Permissions to the cd, floppy and audio device on a desktop machine


How do you guys solve the /dev permission issues on typical desktop

I think that a locally logged on user should be able to use the
soundcard, floppy and cd-writer. Someone logging on remotely is more
questionable. I think sudo is ok then.

I used to have a few lines in X11/xdm/GiveConsole and
X11/xdm/TakeConsole to give and take permissions to cd, audio and floppy 
devices. Then I tried to extend my computer to a multi-login
fast-user-switch desktop machine.. I realized that the Give/Take
solution is flawed, by assuming that only one X11 head is on the

I moved on to a rc.d-script which changed group on the audio and cd
device files to an invented group called 'desktop' which had write
access. I created a rc.d script to be sure that no upgrade had reset
the permissions. Then I let the users which could be locally logged on
to the machine had membership in those groups.

I think I rather want something which gives locally logged on users
access to some devices. Like changing GiveConsole/TakeConsole to add
and remove $USER from some groups. I have to try this one.

Writing this mail lead me into investigating audio/pulseaudio. It seems
interesting, but.. I am sure that some programs will not be able to
play through it. And how will fast-user-switch work? Mixer settings?

Best regards,
        Lars Nordlund

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