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Running NetBSD from an external USB drive

        Had quite good experience doing this for the last few days
        after the fan on my Thinkpad T60p choked.

        Had to adjust fstab and cgd.conf to handle the wd0 -> sd0 change,
        and add a small rc.d script to automatically adjust xorg for the
        graphics chipset and wpa_supplicant for the wireless one if I
        wanted to move it between machines, but overall... not too bad.

        I would think this could be likened somewhat to using a live-cd,
        it has the "working on different machines" requirement if not
        the "no persistant storage and tmpfs everywhere"

        In particular autoconfiguring xorg and wpa_supplicant should be
        something the base system can do...

         In case anyone is interested - more details at

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